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It was about time to bring this page back to its original roots. All through high school, or at least since I first put this page up, it was home to Willendorf Venuses. Well the Venuses are back and this time they are my own creation. The original Willendorf Venuses were a fertility statue or charm carved by Cro Magnon man and his relatives. I like Willendorf Venuses because they celebrate the female body in a way that Barbie and Madison Avenue and all those women's magazines fail to do. If a Willendorf Venus bothers you, think of your own attitude toward your body.

Well I'm one semester into my third term at Dartmouth and this fall I am on break. In a week or two I'll start working for a design/engineering office in DesMoines and living with alums called the Crosbies. I'm not thrilled about this because I'd rather be in the east wtih my boyfriend, Ithamar. Right now I'm using my time off to visit my boyfriend and family. I would visit my mother, but California is too far away and my dad is still in the house in North White Plains where I grew up. My half sister, Wisam, is there along with another half sister, a stemother who is not all bad, and my dad of course. This was not a great situation when I was fifteen, but at nearly twenty years old the world looks different. Anyway, Wisam is watching me revise this web page so a shot out to her.

yellow willendorf I also like cross country skiing, swimming, and making the stuff run to West Lebanon, NH. I live with my suitemates from my first year and we are all suffering through this summer term together. This may be New Hampshire but our third floor is not air conditioned. We always seem to live at the top of the stairs, but we are used to it. I am the only engineer in my group so in a way that is good because it takes away some of the competition though I still have friends with whom I can study.

I detest spectator sports. Sorry, they bore me to tears. My politics is left of center and I positively loathe US imperialism. We need to get out of Iraq and the soooner the better and don't expect me to go gushing all over the military. They protect the interests of the empire and not my freedom.

gold willendorf In other news, my boyfriend and love, Ithamar is in Boston. I got to see him several times this summer and a bit during the break, but because my break ends at the very end of December/beginning of January, I can't live with him without complicating his financial life completely. He graduated and he has a job with an alterantive newspaper and is working as a bicycle messenger to make enough money on which to live. We are both still figuring out a way to get him settled in Montreal which is where I want to live after I graduate. One good thing about NAFTA and having relatives in Canada is that I probably can work there. Ithamar's chances are nowhere near as good.

I still take in an occasional movie though I find myself more a producer of content than a consumer. If you are interested, I am the CoJanitor for this team at The Webleagues and my Aunt Thadea is the manager for this team at the Golden Elite. I am part of a site fighting family and boy does that feel good. If you haven't tried web site competitions yet, give them a try today. Webleagues is not fighting until September 5th but the Golden Elite goes all summer long.

green willendorf If you are curious I am on a study break right now. Soon it will be back to work. With each revision of this web page I learn more. I guess that is a good thing. This page features a new fairly silent but inclusive CSS and hand drawings and a very plain background. I am a classic minimalist though I could never do those 5kb web pages. There are actually contests for how small you can make a web page.

Oh well, come Monday, Labor Day, fighting resumes at the Webleagues, and I am on a new team. It is the one run by the founder too. Here is my big not-so-ugly vote banner.

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Haldis K. Guerrin
July 6, 2005

lying down red willendorf It's a willendorf chorus line

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The Willendorf Song -- Sing Along

Willendorf girls
Have all their parts
Breasts and bellies
Hips and hearts

Invented thousands
Of years ago
But never out of style
You know

In their braided hats
They look their best
Willendorf girls
Always well dressed

And if you don't like them
You're a prude
Because Willendorf girls
Are artisticly nude!

H. K. Guerrin