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Blue Corn Kiva --
A Community for Quality Conversation

Welcome to Blue Corn Kiva bcorn-k@yahoogroups.com. Blue Corn Kiva aims to provide a pleasant atmosphere for civil conversation on any topic. Unfortunately, in this age of spam and general garbage that has become a tall order, so Blue Corn Kiva is a community controlled list. This means that the members have a say in keeping out the junk and seeing that new members who know and obey the rules are brought into the community.

Blue Corn Kiva currently only has a few rules and these may change as we find what works for us and what doesn't.

There are only a few things you can't do in the Blue Corn Kiva. If you do them you will find yourself moderated or booted or your post will simply not see the light of day.

  1. No spam, smut, or pornography. Images that include artistic nudity are OK, but selling anything, asking for money, or advertising adult web sites is not.

  2. Please no ad-hominem arguments. If you want to be critical attack ideas, not the person. Say "I don't like this" or "I disagree with so and so" but NOT "How would you feel if...." "It's people like you who" "You are a..." Ad-hominem arguments are the spark that ignites flame wars.

  3. No posts larger than 50kb with attachment. This means if you are sending photos resize them or crop them first. The reason for this rule is that some members have web based email boxes of 6mb in size. A 200kb post uses up 3% of that box in one blow. If you want to send a photo as an attachment and you are unsure of it's size please send it to me and I will tell you how large it is and even resize it for you and send it back so you can send it to the list.

  4. ABSOLUTELY NO VIRUSES! Keep your computer clean. We are going to allow html and attachments. This means you need to watch to see that your computer does not become infected. Generally using a mail client OTHER THAN OUTLOOK and not opening attachments from strangers is a very good idea.

  5. Please no curse words. This is violent language and leads to flaming. If you feel like complaining try to avoid profanity.

Now for the Blue Corn FAQ

Who can join Blue Corn Kiva (bcorn-k@yahoogroups.com)? Anyone. We have open membership.

How do I sign up for Blue Corn Kiva? Just fill in your email address on the line below... and hit the button.


Yahoogroups then sends you a confirmation email.

I just joined Blue Corn Kiva and my posts are moderated? Why? If you are not a founding member or not well known to an existing member, your posts will go to the pending box where one of the moderators will look them over before sending them on to the list. I will be cleaning out the pending box once or twice a day. This means your posts will take a while to appear but if they follow the rules (see above), they should get through. Just be patient.

Some members here have an "override". Their posts go through right away? How can I get an override? Yes, some members are not moderated. They are either founding members or members who posted four to ten time and showed that they can follow the rules. Post four to ten times and follow the rules and you will get an override too.

I want to be a moderator here! If you have an override (see above) and you have a Yahoogroups profile and you understand how our community works, another moderator can give you moderator status. After that you will be able to grant overrides and moderator status to others.

What happens if I break the rules? That depends what you do. If you are sending spam here, expect to be expelled from the community and your email address banned. If you make an honest mistake, for example sending an oversize attachment, expect a private letter from a moderator asking you not to do it again or some public complaining on the list. If you do something in between, you can lose your moderator status or your override. Most likely this loss will be temporary.

Can I post about politics or religion? Sure you can.... Why not. What may be a problem is proselytizing. This is where you try to get one list member to change his/her faith. Also telling list members that they are all bound for damnation is flame bait. Also keep your political arguments free of ad-hominem arguments.

Can I forward pieces to the list? Sure you can.... But please, if the piece has an author, please mention the author even if he or she is "unknown." Also it is nice to note when something is fiction or where you got it originally.

Can I send e-cards to the list? Sure you can....

Can I advertise my web site, Yahoogroups, MSN group, Topica Group, or other group in a post? Yes, you can provided the page or group is noncommercial. That means it does not sell anything or ask for money. Remember this is a group with a strongly enforced no spam rule.

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