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A Listicle of Links

Links are like a window to something better I present this bunch of links as a public service. If you've been inundated with propaganda and drivel from a certain, fair and balanced, programming network, or if you need more fun in your life, open my window of links to fun and truth. I've got old links, new links, and some links that are just plain fun.

Your Mother and Grandmother's Links

I have to include these because my mother and grandmother would say I am remiss in building an educational links page without them.

The New York Times -- It's the paper of record, but it has an eight article paywall. Right click and copy links to Facebook or Twitter for all you can read and share fun.

The Atlantic -- The magazine of ideas with long articles. Their electronic site also features captive blogs and shorter pieces.

The New Republic -- A neoLiberal magazine with long news articles and classy pieces on culture. The much-maligned, new management has taken down the paywall. You can guess who's not maligning them.

Center to Left Links to Make You Think -- Face it, antiwar folks are the smartest kids in the room, and they want to spread their brains around with foreign news articles on just about every conflict plus sophisticated viewpoints.

CounterPunch -- A left wing muckraking magazine, that both names names and includes some of the best and brightest as authors.

The Nation -- If you're old enough you might remember a magazine with high page numbers, obscure political articles, and printed on newsprint. This is the same magazine, but slicker, online, and they got rid of the weird page numbers before I was in high school.

The Progressive -- The Progressive is the Nation's less polite and more emotional twin sister. It also features good articles from a slant you may not have yet encountered, or one you feel is honest and truthful.

Mother Jones -- Named after a labor heroine, this magazine features articles for those whose politics favors the working class. It also takes a strong envrionenmental stance.

The Media Lounge

PBS Newshour -- Forget YouTube! Watch news stories covered in depth in full color, and with no paywall.

Time out for Fun!!!!

Gizmodo -- Science meets entertainment as well as gadgets and gizmos on this entertaining and irreverent blog.

Wired -- Don't let the future pass you by. Read about the latest in design, science, security, and new stuff in this magazine. -- For those days when you would rather look at the pictures and collect more, there is Pinterest. Pinterest is assurance that whatever your interest is, someone out there shares it.

Spotify -- If you own a smart phone or modern PC, there is no reason you should not have free access to nearly all the world's music. And whatever your musical taste is, Spotify has something for you!

Open Directory -- Free Font Repositories

Open Directory -- Free Fonts by Individual Designers -- It's a dirty, rotten secret. Windows never comes with the fonts you need, so stop by DMOZ and find sites that have lots more... for free.