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Willendorfs, Site Fighting, and Spirit -- you are here.

Willendorfs, Sitefighting, and Spirit!

Once there was a girl who picked up a huge, coffee table book lying on a library table...and she discovered early farmers and cavepeople before them made statues! They were cute, but not beautiful or maybe beautiful without being dainty or maybe just too feminine for belief. Look carefully, there is muscle under all that fat, and a sly grin on the face beneath the braided coif or knitted cap. Strength and brains are hard to resist.

Archaelolgists called them "Venuses" as a joke, but they fascinated me. Surely, they were an older, better message than what was on TV and in glossy magazines. In high school and on pretty much every web page I have done since then, there have always benn the Willendorf girls, and after all these years, I'm still here, and the Willendorf girls are here too! Where else would they go.

Facebook (Do you think I'd give them a link!) would quibble about whether they were "indecent." Here, I run my own show. Yes, I still have a home page because I still fight at The Web Leagues. In a way it is a great thing because ownership feels good.

At the Webleagues my team is the League of Friendship, and its leader is a fellow home page builder and graphic artist who takes great pride in his work. Pride and a willingness to back it up with votes is spirit, and spiritis what having a page in competition is all about.

And if you wondered where all the home pages have gone, so have I. It is a shame because you get a feeling of pride in ownership. You get to decide what you can say, short of out and out adult content. You don't have to worry if someone likes your status. What is my status anyway. I am here. I am still here. I guess I'll be here for a while.

And if you want to see where some of the home pages still are, come down to The Webleagues. Note: buildiong a home page is not as easy as it once was, due to lack of free providers. Your fellow fighters can help you find space. After that it is up to you.

Vote for me at the Friendship Leagues