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Thadea's Curio Shelf

Well it had to happen sometime. I got caught by the adoption and doll making bug, so I made this page to display an assortment of cute and not-so-cute creations. These dolls are a bit different from most you see around the web. The majority of them are hand renders, at least partially. The rest are combo dolls made from doll makers, but most contain, both male and female elements. This makes them more robust and less Barbie-like. Many of the AfroAmerican and African dolls have faces with really black features and hair. Other dolls don't look like teenagers. I figure I still cut a pretty fine figure of a woman at forty-two, so why shouldn't my dolls reflect all kinds of women. Diversity is fun. To get back to the main page, click here. To see even more dolls, click here.

April 25, 2002

a havanna brown petz cat  Niyati is a doll in a sari  Qamar wears a stunning saalwar khameez   a silver tabby rex petz cat

don't you wish you had a sweater like that    A surprisingly androgynous doll    A doll in hijab    A hand rendered black doll    A doll maker blue haired black doll

An older Jewish cartoon doll     An Rubenesque black lady    a really black looking black cartoon doll     a doll in burkah    a cute and androgynous doll in orange

Uwinama, a really beautiful black doll    Madame Tseng    another black cartoon doll    does this look like me?    Here I am with my name

an old favorite returns     an albino high fashion doll    a black doll with Senegalese twists     a high fashion brunette in a stylish gown     a new star with a new base body

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