The trailer rolls on and flies too!

It has been ages since I revamped this web page. I think part of it is adjusting to a world without site fighting. The Golden Elite is gone. I was not much of a team leader. There were just too few hours in the day, though I did start out with good intentions. I will miss the Golden Elite.

The other reason I am revising this web page is my eldest daughter, Typha. She turned eleven years old this spring. When I first made my debut on the web she had turned four. A lot has happened in seven years. Caltha is now old enough to have a web presence on her own, but the world of 2008 is not the world of 2001.

We sat and talked. Neither Jacob, for reasons of principal nor I for reasons of craft and pride wanted Caltha to be a passive consumer. HTML, we told her was not for somebody else. Her place as a netzien was at the coding bench. I put my foot down: NO MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, or PICZO until she could code competently on to a blank space. Beyond that, the next step would be space on our family server. After that she will enter Web 2.0 as someone who can competently create her own skins or set up a complex wiki. In other words, my daughter will be a skilled web worker, not a "dumb kid."

I know there are parents who feel differently, but Caltha has a mother, an aunt, and a great aunt all of whom code. Coding is in the Myers/Bechstein blood. This is Caltha's inheritence. In other news, Caltha continues with fifth grade and her younger sister Typha is doing very well as a second grader. Typha takes gymnastics and does tricks on her bicycle when she thinks I am not around to disapprove. I do worry, but what can I do. She talks about wanting to learn to snowboard. It is a good thing we live in Iowa.

We are planning next year's garden too. Right now though, everything is still awash in snow and mud. It is not sad. The days are growing longer and winter will end soon. Both the girls will soon have new web pages. Caltha's page will be her own and it will be a site that is whatever she makes of it. I helped set her up on a used machine with GIMP and showed her the rudiments of HTML. There are also books and tutorials to help her on her way. She still rides horseback and is working on dressage. She'll tell you more about that on her own site when it gets here. I will be putting up a placeholder page and taking her page down shortly. It is time for endings and a time for new beginnings. Life goes on. Maybe someday if there is still site fighting left, Caltha will be able to fight.

Thadea G. Myers

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