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This spirit complex came about because I was wasting way too much paper and ink. I needed to go to a paperless system to handle my supporters and my voting. Put bluntly, if Haldis, my seventeen year old niece who lives with us had been caught wantonly printing off drafts of school papers, love letters, or anything else, the way I was printing my vote exchange lists, Jacob and I would both have chewed her a new orifice in the nether reaches of her anatomy. Being an adult, I have certain prviledges, but I was abusing them.

This page is also made with my daughter, Typha in mind. The theme for this part of the web site is sheep. Yes, this spirit complex is a genuine cybersheepfold. It is also a wolf-free zone because Hulkette guards the sheep, and if wolves try to eat the sheep, Hulkette will beat them silly. Wolves can get their dinner elsewhere.

Note: it may take a day or two to get everything linked up, but that should go rather quickly. This means a major reorganization of the site. Hopefully, the chaos will be minimal. As for the music, it will take me some time to find the right tunes, so please be patient.

Thadea G. Myers
May 7, 2003.