Into the Woods
with Typha

My name is Typha and I'm three years old, and this is the first web page that my mother has made just for me. I go to the 2-3 Rowdy Room at Day Care. I go there because I don't like it when people read to me. I like to work with clay and build with blocks. I can ride a bicycle with training wheels.

Here's Hulkette

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another porcupine I also like to draw. My mommy and my teachers say I do it very well. Sometimes I like to borrow coloring books so I can copy the pictures. Sometimes I just draw something I've seen. I can draw shapes, people, trees, houses, and animals. My mommy says that people who draw well and who understand a lot of words but who don't talk much and who don't like most stories or songs are quite unusual. My mommy wants me to do well in school and she worries about me.

brown porcupine One of the few stories I like is about Hulkette. My daddy and uncle made up the story. Hulkette is a big person with scaley green skin. She is very strong, and she is smarter than she looks.

One day Hulkette got evicted because she had no money to pay the rent, so she got a job as a shepherd, and the sheep loved her. She became their friend. One day the wolves came to eat the sheep, and she punched the wolves in the nose and she picked up the biggest and meanest wolf of all and spun him around by his tail, and he landed in the pricker bushes. The wolves never bothered the sheep again.

another porcupine I also like porcupines. Porcupines are little. They don't beat any body up, but even the biggest and meanest animals in the woods are afraid of them. Do you know why? When another animal tries to beat up a porcupine, it curls itself into a ball so all its quills stick up like bristles on a brush, only quills are sharp and pointy. Any animal that tries to punch the porcupine gets cut up paws, and any animal that tries to kick the pocupine gets cut up feet. So nobody messes with a porcupine!

yet another porcupine I also have a big sister named Caltha and we sleep in the same room because she doesn't want a room of her own. Maybe next year we'll go to the same school together. My mommy says I'm on the waiting list for Pre-K. I also want to wish everybody a really good Passover, and yes my mommy wrote this, but she listened to what I had to say.

Typha Davida Myers-Bechstien

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