Caltha's Amazing Clove Box
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Caltha's Clove Box

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My name is Caltha and that brown thing is my clove box. Cloves are spices that look like little sticks and that make spiced peaches taste good. You can also stick them into oranges and hang the orange in your closet to make your clothes smell good. Well some people in India put cloves on strings and make them into little boxes.

This clove box is mine so ask permission before you open it. Right now I have crocuses growing inside it. Youc an see them on the right side of the page, and I think there's a big one farther down.

Anyway, I'm six years old. I go to full day K-1 plus after school program, plus gifted and talented class twice a week. My favorite thing to do is read. I also like playing with my little sister, Typha. We build with blocks together and sometimes we draw or paint with water colors. Typha has learned not to eat crayons and now she draws better than some kids at my school. We have her pictures up all over the nursery, the kitchen, and the upstairs hall.

I also like to work in the garden where the crocuses, dafodills, and tulips grow. I helped plant the bulbs last year. Now they are coming up after sleeping all winter in the dirt. Soon I'll help with the seeds and the seedlings that are growing on hot trays in the study.

big white crocus The study is where Mom and Dad and Aunt Haldis work on the computer. I'm not allowed on the computer because Mom says I'm too little. Mom doesn't let Typha, my little sister, on the computer either. Sometimes one of the grownups gets mad because another grownup is on the computer. I made a sign saying not to complain because some people like me are too little to use the computer.

I am going to learn to ride a bicycle without training wheels this spring. Wish me luck. Even though the bicycle has twelve inch wheels so I can touch the ground very easily, I am still scaird of falling off my bike. I didn't like jumping into the water at day camp last summer either. I preferred to use the ladder. Mom says when I was a baby I was scaird to jump out of my crib. Some people say I am "physically timid" but I think I just have good sense. Most grownups don't like to jump around and they are scaird of falling off things too.

Last summer we went to California to hear my dad speak at Stanford in Palo Alto. We traveled all the way across the country by bus. This summer we are going to New Hampshire when Aunt Haldis goes away to college. We'll stop and visit Aunt Masada in Syracuse, New York too. That trip is a long time away.

It's Passover now and I have to carry matzoh sandwiches to school for lunch. Mom also made a really nice apple salad called charosis. I don't celebrate Easter or believe in the Easter bunny. Bunnies are mammals and everyone knows mammals don't lay eggs! I hope everyone out there has a good Passover, and yes my mommy edited all this stuff so it flows smoothly.

Caltha Xantipe Myers-Bechstien

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