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About Me

What is an "About Me" page after so many years. People will tell you that Web 1.0 is dead and everyone has fled to Myspace. Coding html means nothing and this is just an empty gesture. No one will read this page unless I have a place for feedback and loads of "friends.". Well, if you want to give me feedback, here is how you do it.

Now that we have this settled, you probably want to know who I am. I am a forty-seven year old (not young!) pathology technician who is in Iowa City for the duration since my husband, Jacob, has tenure and we have solved the "two body problem."

I ride horseback though not as well as my oldest daughter who is learning dressage and now html (two completely unrelated skills of course). I was once the tenth or eleventh best site fighter in the world. That is why I believe in home pages and this web site. It is a matter of believing in me and what I have to say. I MATTER!

Liesel's still here I cross country ski when we have snow which we have had more than enough of this winter. I garden when I find the time. I make some web graphics though I am trying to give this site a more text-based and mature look. I probably am not succeeding. This was the site's old mascot. I can't seem to get rid of her, but she looks better here.

the old racer from the Site Fights I also miss site fighting, not for my role as a fighter or as an admin, but the institution itself. There was something wonderful and still is about ordinary people putting their handiwork on display and supporting one another with votes. No, they did not have to "friend" eachother and even kids could site fight. In a way, COPPA has ruined that. I guess they did not ask the site fighters when they enacted that law.

I never thought I'd end up permanently sidelined from the fights, and there are days that I am the only one left on Web 1.0 though Caltha will be joining me soon. No, the screen door won't hit my butt on the way out because I'm here to stay.

Thadea G. Myers