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Typha's Logo with a Bike

I am Typha. I am NOT JUST Caltha's little sister or Caltha's sister though that is what everybody says I am. I am five years old. I turnd five on January 4th. People say it is bad to have a birthday just after Christmas and New Years, but I've never minded it. If it falls on a weekend, I can always go cross country skiing.

I love all kinds of sports. I cross country ski, ice skate, and ride a bicycle without training wheels of course. I can turn a cartwheel and walk on my hands. I learned how to do that while I was still in day care. I watched the "big girls" through the fence and was copying them. I already know who to swim, but at Camp Spartacus " where competition builds character" I'll learn to do it better.

I can't wait to go to day camp. Last summer I helped Caltha with her cheers. Now I'll have cheers of my own! I go to the same school as my older sister, but she is in second grade. I am in Pre-K. I don't know how to read yet, but since the other kids are learning their letters, I am learning mine.

I would rather draw though or put puzzles together or ride my bike. I draw better than most kids Caltha's age, and I like stories if they tell how something works or if they are about nature, but I am not a big fan of fiction. My mother says this is unusual in someone as young as I am and in girls in general but it is not unusual in older people and boys. There are lots of nonfiction books out there, and that is fine with me.

Come either this summer or fall, I may be getting a room that is all my own. Ever since I could sleep through the night, I have shared a nursery with Caltha, but she is eight, and we are getting to big for this. Since it looks like Haldis, who is our aunt and who goes to Dartmouth may be spending her breaks somewhere other than with my family (I miss her!), mom is thinking of giving her room to Caltha which means that mom and dad will move back in to the nursery and I'll get my parents old bedroom. I am not sure I like this idea. First, I miss Aunt Haldis. Second, don't you get lonely in a room that is all your own? Yes, I can paint it yellow with mom's help but I am small and the room will be so big.

And worst of all, Crocus, will never visit Caltha. Crocus is our cat. She is white with black and orange patches, a color grownups call tortoise shell and white or calico. She is very clean and her fur smells like fresh washed clothes. I know because I like to out my nose in it. Crocus is sweet and gentle and I often wake up to find her curled up next to me. We got Crocus before I was two years old and she is the same age that I am which means we are the youngest together. Maybe she knows this because she is my best friend.

I'll have mom write more later. She promises to keep up the pages this time and to update them. Maybe she will put some of my drawings and paintings up here, if she gets time.


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