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You are probably wondering who I am. Well my name is Thadea Myers, and I work as a pathology technician in a teaching hospital. This means I help examine tissue samples. I am also quite often the person who makes the first cut during autopsies. It is good work if one is not squeamish. It is also good work because there is always something different to do, and something new to learn. I work a variety of shifts as well, and when I work nights my husband can watch the children.

I became interested in computers and the internet when I was a student at University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign in the 1980s. I even got on the internet in 1982. Of course in those days there was no one to talk to except other academics. Oh well... I have been coding web pages for several years, but only recently started passionately competing in web site competitions. This page is part of a site that competes.

I have been married for twelve years to a wonderful husband named Jacob. I have two daughters, Caltha, currently age five, and Typha who is two. They have a page of their own. Last winter Typha learned to cross country ski. Caltha will be starting kindergarten in the fall knowing how to read. We still have no pets, but that is because we are going to do some travelling this month. My husband is speaking at a conference in Palo Alto, California. This means that all of us, my husband, the two girls, and our niece, Haldis, who also lives with us are going to make a big cross country trip together. It is the girls' first vacation and they are looking forward to it.

In addition, our family finally bought a house last fall and we have just put in a garden this spring. Haldis gets the attic bedroom which she calls the Sanctuary and my husband and I gave the master bedroom to the girls for their "nursery." I'm not sure why I'm still uncomfortable with that word. Lately, I have been doing a lot of revision of this web site. This is my second edition of this page. I hope it is an improvement.

Thadea Myers
June 4, 2002

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