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This is the page where I get to introduce myself. My name is Thadea and I work as a pathology technician in a county hospital. This is a good job because there is always something new and exciting to be learned. Also I work various shifts which means that when I work nights, my husband can watch the children. I am also a union member. We had an organizing drive four years ago. That is an exciting story, and maybe some day I will tell it online.

I have been married for six years to a wonderful husband named Jacob, and I have two beautiful daughters: Caltha aged four and Typha age fifteen months. I don't really have much time for hobbies except html and web page graphics. When there is snow on the ground, I enjoy cross country skiing and this winter I started teaching Caltha to ski. We also have a bird feeder in our yard and Jacob and I are thinking about getting a cat. Since we have two small daughters it will have to be a mellow neutered full grown cat, rather than a skittish kitten.

All that waits though while I take a break from a life where I am too busy to write. I enjoy expressing myself and would love to spend more time travelling. Jacob and I travelled to Europe before we had the kids. Some day when they are old enough to appreciate it, I would love to take them over seas. I guess if wishes were horses beggars would ride and no doubt I would win the Triple Crown.

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